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Fast Shipping - Secure Shopping - Pleasant Experience


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Knorr Roast Gravy/ Sosse zum Braten

I love it. It has been a favorite of mine for years. You can make mushroom gravy with it, onion gravy, base for beef stew and much more. I try to never run out of it!!!

Tasty strawberry gummies

They're very flavorful. The strawberry is very sweet and the gummies have a great texture and thickness. I think that these are my new favorites.

Heidi White Chocolate Snowman - 20 g
Jessica P. (Woodstock, GA)
Cute and Tasty!

I looked everywhere for this snowman to put in my daughter's stocking for Christmas. Her name is Heidi ☺️ Finally found it here!

Kras Griotte Pralines

Excellent chocolates filled with sour cherry juice, fine quality, a delightful desert. Thank you.

Love love love sour cherries

Very good preserves, just like home

always good

Love the taste

An expensive item to get but worth the price.

Would not have any others:

I am Belgian now living in the US, I had this Marzipan while growing up in Dinant, Belgium and for several years my mother used to send me a packages with my fevoride marzepan but now she is gone and I can tell you how happy I am to have found you, Thank you.

Dr. Oetker Vanilla Sugar- 10 pack
Margit B. (Tampa, FL)

Great product. Love it!!

Maggi Wurze ( Seasoning ) -800 ml
Eva-Maria K. (Cleveland, OH)
Maggi Wuerze

We greatly enjoy the Maggi Wuerze which is made in Germany with the red cap!
Every meal tastes better with it.


Outstanding and fresh

Vanilla sauce

Vanilla sauce, It’s my favorite little sauce

Trumpf Edle Tropfen Pralines Vodka - 100 g
Jen R. (Fairless Hills, PA)

While I'm not a fan of alcohol, these were pretty good! The chocolate was tasty amd the alcohol not so bad.

So awesome

I love these treats. So glad I found where to order them. They are delicious

Ich bin sehr zufrieden! Vielen Dank!!!

Thank you so much!

like homemade

quick, easy and delicious

Milka Whole Hazelnuts & Milk Chocolate - 100 g

I was very happy to find it since I could not find it in my local Import store .
Thanks . It is a very easy to use product.


Very good flavor. They were shipped well. The only comment I have is that there were a lot of small pieces.

Exactly what I had hoped for! My lady friend, a natural born German lady, was absolutely thrilled with these. My only wish is that one-pint or one-quart jars would be available. I had to order three of the small cans for a single gift.

Dr. Oetker Rum Flavor Essence
Rosemary R. (Mount Kisco, NY)
Needed Ingredient

There is no substitute - definitely needed for cookies and stollen!

Order for Jacob's Coffee

Good coffee, but was sent to the wrong address.

Haribo Vampire - 175 g
Catherine W. (Lawrenceville, GA)
Haribo Vampire

These are fantastic!!!

Really a solid product

Truly one of the best Ajvars out there and the price is fantastic. This is the kind of staple that you cannot live without. I haven't had it in a while but then I did again and i cannot be without it. Most common use is with scrambled eggs.

Haribo Schoko - Minz - Traum -300 g
Pamela S. (Glen Allen, VA)
Like Lays chips - you can't eat just one.

Love these. I can't tell you how many bags I have eaten and it is not even Christmas yet.