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Dr. Oetker Gustin-400g

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Gustin fine cornstarch Content: 400 g For refining cakes, tarts and biscuits and for binding hot liquids Basic preparation for baked goods: Simply replace 1/3 of the wheat flour amount specified in the recipe with Gustin. This gives the baked goods a particularly fine structure. Basic preparation for binding liquids: Weigh out the appropriate amount of Gustin and stir until smooth with some of the respective cold amount of liquid. Bring the remaining liquid to the boil, stir in the mixed Gustin with a whisk and bring everything to the boil again while stirring. Food Ingredients Gustin sponge and sponge cakes, eg marble cakes, sand cakes, cake bases according to the quantities in the recipe, replace 1/3 of the amount of flour with Gustin. For cake fillings e.g. B.